"Och många säger imorgon, men jag säger idag."

on the 2016-05-22 @ 19:28:00
Vet verkligen inte vad jag ska skriva... Har bokstavligt talat ingenting att uppdatera er om. Det händer på riktigt ingenting förutom att jag har skola, skola, skola, träning och jobb. Det är exakt så livet ser ut just nu. Så tragiskt, haha. 
Dagens ord:
"De säger: [...] Det händer så mycket roliga saker i ditt liv! [...]
Och jag säger: vadfan det händer ju ingenting i mitt liv. Men jag gör jävligt mycket." - Per Holknekt
Dagens ord 2:
"If you wanna succeed in anything the piece of advice that I have for you is to find what it is that you love and do not stop doing it. [...] Whatever it is, if you wanna be successful in your field focus on that one thing and obsesse over it and live and breathe it. Don't let people tell you no. Don't let your family tell you no. Don't let your best friends to tell you no. Just keep going. [...] Prove them wrong. Another thing that I've always, liked, I've learned this from my husbands father, umm. He always told me, he was like "never speak too soon". If you wanna do something, don't tell people your plans. Don't tell them "ohh I'm gonna do this", because they're gonna get into your head and they're gonna screw with you and they're gonna make you feel like you're not good enough, you're not gonna achieve your dreams. So just shut you mouth. Put yourself to work. Work as hard as you can. And don't start telling people until you've already succeeded. So instead of saying "hey man I'm running this marathon". No, no, no. Don't say that. Because you're gonna have people be like "you, you're running a marathon, phhff okaaay". Instead, train your ass off. Run that marathon and then meet them at the bar and say: "Hey, guess what I did today, I ran a marathon and I WON." - Jaclyn Hill.


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